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Axis Human Capital Limited

Axis is a registered Limited Liability Company (LLC), set up to match jobseekers and employers. We identify and support jobseekers in not just finding jobs, but building careers. This vision and orientation is what makes Axis unique and very focused on Career Development of its stakeholders. Axis started its operations out of a small office in Tudu (South Liberia & Kojo Thompson Road), with space graciously offered by the Longevity Project. Axis then relocated to another office on 69 Dade Street, North Labone in October 2008. In 2010, Axis moved to F106/5 4th Soula Street, Labone. We are currently located at #18 Wawa Drive, North Dzorwulu, Accra.

Axis Human Capital Limited is the best choice

Along the lines of other big names, Axis Human Capital Limited provides a extensive variety of jobs to the potential job hunter. Their interface is orderly and easy to use.


When seeking for a job, you first pick a group from various categories that are listed. You can then choose either a state, or a major city within a state. You can optionally add keywords to further filter your search.


Axis Human Capital Limited is a group of companies that is particular in socially-conscious human development firm based in Ghana which is a free internet-based tool, can help you find employment opportunities across the country and internationally such in SE Asian countries like KL Malaysia, Jakarta Indonesia, Beijing China, Bangkok Thailand and many more.


Because of the planning of the information on the screen, I sometimes think it’s hard to comprehend what an advertisement was, and what a fragment of the Job facility was. For instance, more than after we clicked on a link to a feature I desired to go, just to be taken to an entirely dissimilar job search engine. Furthermore, they presently don't support automatic search agents; which implies, each time you would like to search for available jobs that counterpart particular criteria, you must go back to the website. Those were just few of my complaints, is that really so or am I doing it wrong? Our other top-ranked services afford this functionality in the method of an email notification to spontaneously keep you knowledgeable.


Another point that I found irritating occurred after initial signup to the system. Without being asked, I was automatically enrolled in a number of newsletters when I signup. I opt-out of these newsletters via their Newsletter Subscription Manager, however nonetheless I would have liked to be informed before I began receiving the newsletters in the first place.


Generally, posting your resume to Job won’t hurt you so I did. Besides they have over thousands employers and recruiters who go to the site. Though, the limitations I stated above force me to recommend other top-ranked sites first.


I, myself, have been using them many years now and I can attest that they are not a scam.